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Weissmair, Werner, et al. Atlas of Breeding Birds in Linz.

Atlas of Breeding Birds in Linz 0470-3901
Atlas of Breeding Birds in Linz
Weissmair, Werner; Rubenser, Herbert; Brader, Martin; Schauberger, Rudolf
Naturkundliches Jahrbuch der Stadt Linz No. 46/47
Dolezal, Christiana
Magistrate of the Provincial Capital Linz
0470-3901 (paperback)
Schauberger, Rudolf (color drawings); Laister, Gerold (color distribution maps)
Table of Contents
Index of German bird names; Index of scientific bird names
Linz, Austria, breeding bird atlas, breeding birds, natural history, nature, birds, ornithology, bird survey, urban ecology, biology
German (de); Summary in English (en); Bird names in German (de) and Latin (la)
Summary from the Book
In the years 1998 and 1999 the breeding birds of the entire city of Linz (14°15' to 14°25' eastern longitude, 48°13' to 48°35' northern latitude) were surveyed by means of raster field mapping. The individual fields had a length of 500 x 500 m and thus a surface of 25 ha. The city comprises a total number of 411 fields (100 km²).
Each of these fields, even the bordering quadrants, were visited twice for half an hour during the hatching season from the end of April to the end of June 1998 (the sites of VOEST Linz and Chemie Linz - 33 raster fields - were surveyed in 1999).
The mapping was carried out by 10 ornithologists between 6 an 12 am CEST and from 3 pm to dusk. The route comprised all ornithologically relevant structures of the respective quadrants. The assignment of the outdoor observations to the status of hatching was carried out according to the standardized guidelines of the EOAC (European Ornithological Atlas Committee).
The survey is based on a total amount of 29,566 sets of data. 24,986 (84.6 %) refer to possible, 1,730 (5.9 %) to probable and 1,347 (4.6 %) to testified broods. 1,503 sets of data do not refer to a brood.
A total amount of 122 different species of birds could be testified, 102 of which can be counted as breeding birds) (15 possible, 12 probable and 75 testified ones); 20 species were classified as non breeding (passing and food seeking birds, birds fled from cages).
Compared with the diversity expected according to the specific-area-curve, Linz has to be considered as a region with a diversity above the average. As to the proportion of songbirds and non-songbirds, however, Linz is significantly below the European average.
In the city of Linz, the Blackbird shows the highest raster frequency (97.6 %), followed by the Great Tit; third were both the Chaffinch and Blackcap, Chiffchaff only being fourth with a frequency of 91 %. The most common non-songbird is the Pigeon at 62.5 %, followed by the Spotted Woodpecker (56.4 %).
The countryside along the rivers Traun and Danube and the green belt of the district of Urfahr have been found to be ornithological hot spots, since they possess a high frequency of species as well as many rare or endangered species. But even the industrial zones are of ornithological relevance as a secondary habitat (the only occurrence of the Little Ringed Plover). Most interestingly, not the most densely built-up areas of the city are especially poor in species; this is rather true for the areas with intensive farming in the south of Linz.
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