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Rich, Andrea. The Woodcuts of Andrea Rich.

The Woodcuts of Andrea Rich
Rich, Andrea & Mary Oliver
Rich, Andrea
Many Names Press, Santa Cruz County, CA
Rich, Andrea (36 color lithos)
woodcuts, nature, animals, deer, biology, Andrea Rich
English (en)
The Woodcuts of Andrea Rich
Andrea Rich has traveled the world observing and drawing animals in their natural habitat, and these 36 prints are a gleaning of a wide variety of work spanning ten years in the artist's career. The text accompanying each print highlights Andrea's process and interest in her subjects. Each page is visually enhanced by the spaciousness of traditional book design.
The Woodcuts of Andrea Rich is printed on heavyweight soft white Domestic Etch, in an edition limited to 250 signed and numbered copies. The 36 tipped-in full color reproductions of the original woodcuts are offset-lithographed by Phelps-Schaefer of Brisbane, California on archival paper. Hand-bound by Peggy Gotthold of Foolscap Press, in olive linenlike cloth on boards with chamois Bugra paper and a raven inset on the cover, the book is album format 10" by 13", and 96 pages long. The letterpressed text is printed on an Asbern press, employing two faces supplied by M&H Type of San Francisco: foundry Hadriano titling designed by Fredric Goudy in 1918, hand-set by Kate Hitt, and Monotype Romulus by Jan Van Krimpen designed in 1931, composition by Peter W. Stoelzl.
The poem "The Deer", by Mary Oliver, was selected for its extraordinary relevance to the book's theme: how, in a hectic world, the profound message about nature observed, then portrayed with art, continues to grace our minds and hearts.
The artist has created a special multicolored woodcut for the edition. This print, measuring 8" by 12" on Japanese rice paper, is signed, numbered, wrapped in Bugra paper and is suitable for framing.
Enclosed within the beautiful edition binding, The Woodcuts of Andrea Rich embodies a true melding of the senses, a visual and tactile feast. As Andrea Rich's reputation as a fine artist continues to grow both nationally and internationally, this timeless book will stand as testament to the singular importance of her work.
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