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Northcutt, Wendy. The Darwin Awards II.

The Darwin Awards II 0525946233 The Darwin Awards II 1885408757
The Darwin Awards II 0752846914
The Darwin Awards II: Unnatural Selection: A new volume commemorating individuals who improve our gene pool by removing themselves from it in a sublimely idiotic fashion/More True Stories of How Dumb Humans Have Met Their Maker
Northcutt, Wendy
0525946233 (Hardcover)
Table of Contents
  • Introduction: What Are They?
    • What Are They?
    • Rules and Eligibility
    • Darwin's Theory of Evolution
    • Surviving Stupidity
    • Where Do Darwins Come From?
  • Penance: Seven Deadly Sins
    • Discussion: Kismet, Karma, Destiny
  • Women: Femme Fatalities
    • Discussion: Civilization Memes
  • Water: All Washed Up
    • Discussion: Weed Seeds and Biodiversity
  • Technology: Engines of Destruction
    • Discussion: Car Safety
  • Men: Male-functions
    • Discussion: Online Safety
  • Animals: Pall of the Wild
    • Discussion: Dogs and Darwinism
  • Explosions: Out with a Bang!
    • Discussion: Intelligent Design Theory
  • Outlaws: Crime and Punishment
    • Discussion: City Living
  • Disqualified: Losing Is Its Own Reward
  • Classic Dozen: Better Read than Dead
    • Discussion: Speciation
  • Appendices
    • Website Biography
    • Author Biography
    • Forum Decorum
    • Godwin's Law
Story Index
nonfiction, entertainment, humor, evolution, survival of species, gene pool, social sciences, sociology, death, American, stupidity, anecdotes, dying, biology
English (en)
My Summary
Continuing in the same vein as The Darwin Awards, this book is perfect for those who enjoyed the first book or the Web site. Northcutt's prose is often awkward making it sometimes hard to read, for example, "The communication medium of the Internet hides dangers along with its benefits." The Internet hides its benefits? However, the book is still a good read. As in the first book, a mini-essay on current topics of evolution or safety precedes each chapter of stories of deadly stupidity.
Robbin D. Knapp © 2001
From the dust jacket
Welcome to the next evolution in humor.
In the spirit of Charles Darwin, the father of evolution, The Darwin Awards II: Unnatural Selection brings together a fresh collection of magnificent misadventures, honoring those who continue to improve our gene pool by removing themselves from it in a sublimely idiotic fashion.
Salute the owner of an equipment training school who demonstrates the dangers of driving a forklift by failing to survive the filming of his own safety video. Heed the story of the honest bricklayer who loses a battle of wits with 300 pounds of tools. Witness the man who becomes a victim of his own "strange and unusual passion for jumping into rivers." And watch Darwin Award winners selflessly join the ongoing fight against the seven deadly sins as lust, vanity, gluttony, greed, sloth, envy, and wrath all exact their evolutionary toll on the overindulgent.
Featuring science and safety discussions designed to aid those vigilant enough to avoid the scythe of natural selection, and including the dozen most inspiring Darwin Awards from the last century, this new compendium of serious humor and cautionary tales—verified by the author and endorsed by website readers—shows us anew how uncommon common sense can be.
From the copyright page
The Darwin Awards II: Unnatural Selection contains cautionary tales of misadventure. It is intended to be viewed as a safety manual, not a how-to guide. The stories illustrate evolution working through natural selection: Those whose actions have lethal personal consequences are weeded out of the gene pool. Your decisions can kill you, so pay attention and stay alive.
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