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Daniel, Glenda. The North Woods.

The North Woods of Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Southern Ontario
Daniel, Glenda & Jerry Sullivan (Contributor)
Sierra Club Naturalist's Guide Series
Sierra Club Books, San Francisco
0871562480 (Hardcover)
Lerner, Carol (line drawings, black & white photos and maps)
Table of Contents
Table of Contents
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North Woods, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ontario, guide book, natural history, science, biology, reference
English (en)
The North Woods, 1982

The North Woods, 1981
From the Dust Jacket
This invaluable, all-purpose field guide covers the North Woods region of the Upper Midwest, an inviting land of forests, innumerable small lakes and river systems, and encompassing most of the Great Lakes themselves. Stretching from northeastern Minnesota across all of Michigan's Upper Peninsula and diagonally across Wisconsin through the northern half of Lower Michigan, the North Woods—or Great Lakes Forest—is a "transitional forest," where northern evergreen conifers mingle with eastern deciduous trees. These forest communities, and the typical wildlife species they shelter, create an interaction of ecological factors unlike that found anywhere else in the United States.
The authors begin with a detailed geological history of the region, showing how the land was formed and how the last Ice Age sculpted it. They then describe nine typical plant communities of the North Woods, and show how to read each distinctive landscape in order to discern a maximum of information about the animal and plant life to be found there. A final section identifies and describes the abundant wildlife according to characteristic habitat and ecological role within the overall community. An appendix guides vacationers and recreationists to public lands in the North Woods.
For hiker or fisherman, camper, skier, or year-round resident, in fact for anyone who goes outdoors with even a casual sense of curiosity, this is the most comprehensive and informative field guide to the popular North Woods region.
Glenda Daniel and Jerry Sullivan are experienced outdoorspeople and veteran guidebook authors. Their Hiking Trails of the Midwest and Hiking Trails in the Southern Mountains were hailed by Field and Stream as "beautifully descriptive and detailed." Daniel is also the author of Dune Country, which East/West Journal called "a gem among naturalist books" and the Chicago Daily News praised as "one of the most beautifully written and illustrated guidebooks I have ever seen." Jerry Sullivan is an associate editor of Outside magazine. Daniel and Sullivan are married and live in Chicago.
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No longer available (but if you send me an e-mail message, I'll try to find you a used copy):
  • bookHardcover, 408 pages, Sierra Club Books, 1981, ISBN 0871562480

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