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Audubon, John James. Writings and Drawings.

Writings and Drawings 188301168X
Writings and Drawings
Audubon, John James
Library of America
188301168X (Hardcover)
Audubon, John James (paintings)
Table of Contents
Mississippi River Journal
from 1826 Journal from Ornithological Biography
The Wild Turkey (Plate 1: Wild Turkey)
Purple Grakle or Common Crow-Blackbird (Plate 2: Common Grackle)
The Bird of Washington (Plate 3: Bald Eagle)
The Great-footed Hawk (Plate 8: Peregrine Falcon)
The Mocking Bird (Plate 4: Northern Mockingbird)
The Carolina Parrot (Plates 5, 6, 7: Carolina Parakeet)
The White-headed Eagle (Plates 10, 11: Bald Eagle)
The Ruby-throated Humming Bird (Plate 9: Ruby-throated Hummingbird)
The Red-tailed Hawk (Plate 12: Red-tailed Hawk)
The Passenger Pigeon (Plates 14, 15: Passenger Pigeon)
The Ivory-billed Woodpecker (Plates 16, 17: Ivory-billed Woodpecker)
The Wood Thrush (Plates 18, 19: Wood Thrush)
The Fish Hawk, or Osprey (Plate 13: Osprey)
The Broad-winged Hawk (Plate 20: Broad-winged Hawk)
The Blue Jay (Plate 21: Blue Jay)
The Black Vulture or Carrion Crow (Plates 22, 24: Black Vulture)
The Pileated Woodpecker (Plate 25: Pileated Woodpecker)
The Mississippi Kite (Plate 23: Mississippi Kite)
The Pewee Flycatcher (Plates 26, 27: Eastern Phoebe)
The Snowy Owl (Plate 28: Snowy Owl)
The American Sparrow-Hawk (Plate 29: American Kestrel)
The American Crow (Plate 30: American Crow)
The Chimney Swallow, or American Swift (Plate 31: Chimney Swift)
The Golden Eagle (Plate 32: Golden Eagle)
The Canada Goose (Plate 33: Canada Goose)
The Clapper Rail, or Salt-water Marsh-Hen (Plate 34: Clapper Rail)
The Great Blue Heron (Plates 35, 47: Great Blue Heron)
The Puffin (Plate 36: Atlantic Puffin)
The Razor-billed Auk (Plate 37: Razorbill)
The Wood Ibis (Plate 38: Wood Stork)
Louisiana Heron (Plate 40: Tricolored Heron)
The Mallard (Plate 41: Mallard)
The White Ibis (Plate 42: White Ibis)
The Whooping Crane (Plate 39: Whooping Crane)
The Long-billed Curlew (Plate 43: Long-billed Curlew)
The Snowy Heron (Plate 44: Snowy Egret)
The Brown Pelican (Plates 45, 46: Brown Pelican)
The Great White Heron (Plate 47: Great Blue Heron)
Blue Heron (Plate 48: Little Blue Heron)
Blue-winged Teal (Plate 49: Blue-winged Teal)
Anhinga or Snake-Bird (Plates 50, 51: Anhinga)
American Avoset (Plate 56: American Avocet)
Great American Egret (Plate 52: Great Egret)
Trumpeter Swan (Plates 54, 55: Trumpeter Swan)
American Flamingo (Plate 53: Greater Flamingo)
Delineations of American Scenery and Manners
The Ohio
The Prairie
The Original Painter
Louisville in Kentucky
The Eccentric Naturalist
Pitting of Wolves
Breaking Up of the Ice
Missouri River Journals Other Writings
Account of the Method of Drawing Birds employed by J. J. Audubon, Esq. F. R. S. E., In a Letter to a Friend
My Style of Drawing Birds
Myself Letters
To Lucy Audubon, December 9, 1826
To Lucy Audubon, May 15, 1827
To Lucy Audubon, August 6, 1827
To Lucy Audubon, November 2, 1828
To Lucy Audubon, May 10, 1829
To Lucy Audubon, October 23, 1831
To Robert Havell, April 20, 1833
To Victor G. Audubon, September 15, 1833
To John Bachman, August 25, 1834
To John Bachman, December 3, 1834
To John Bachman, April 20, 1835
To John Bachman, January 22, 1836
To John Bachman, February 24, 1837
To John Bachman, October 4, 1837
To John Bachman, April 14, 1838
To Robert Havell, March 13, 1839
To John Bachman, January 2, 1840
To John Bachman, November 12, 1843
Note on the Texts
Note on the Plates
General Index, Ornithological Index
writings, drawings, arts, artists, outdoors, nature, nature writing, drawing, biographies, birds, diaries, North America, zoology, natural history, essays, historical, biography, scientists, biology, John James Audubon
English (en)
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